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Great Canadian Roadtrip, Eastern Edition

June 30, 2005

Following up from last year’s journey across Canada touching all provinces Manitoba and west, along with some US states along the way, this year we hit Ontario and east. And, unlike last year, where BC was kind of a cheat by sneaking in the southeastern corner of the province, this year we hit all provinces in earnest. Though for Newfoundland, we’ll just be driving up the west coast and not across, we will pretty much be driving all the driveable highway in Labrador, so that makes up for it.Once this journey is complete I will have *finally* hit all 10 of Canada’s provinces. The destination not yet explored by me? Prince Edward Island. I’ll write more on that as the time comes.Today’s journey took us from after work in Argonne to Windsor, ON. We actually had to run some after work errands, and decided to stop for supper before leaving, as the Indiana freeways looked clogged and nasty online. It was a good idea, as we got underway at 7PM Central time and pretty much were unimpeded the whole journey. We crossed into Canada just after midnight EDT, and are now tucked away for the night in our hotel in Windsor.No pics from today’s journeys. I did start the GPS logging the trip (though I thought of it a little late) so I hope to have a cool little breadcrumb of where we were (starting halfway through Indiana).Tomorrow, it’s 4 hours to Toronto, where we spend the next few nights for Keith’s wedding, where I’m a groomsman. Should have some pics to share tomorrow, I hope. At least that drive will be all daylight.And now is the time where we cheerfully raise a glass and yell that traditional cheer…To your hole!Adios!


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