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Brussels Day 1

August 1, 2010

For the first time, we didn’t set an alarm. Slept until around 10 AM, and it felt great. Well, it did for me. Yesterday morning Tisha discovered she’s come down with a cold, so she’s fighting that. I feel so bad for her; coming down with a cold just as we’re entering the land of her favorite things — sour beer and chocolate. (Separate, not mixed. Ew.)A day off our feet did wonders for all four of the feet involved, and walking around the city was pleasant. But there was only a short amount of walking before we had to deal with that rental car, an albatross around our neck. After re-entering that seedy part of town I’d just as soon avoid, and still only finding automated gas stations, I got fed up and decided to return the car to the airport (20 miles away), regardless of how much gas was in the tank. Happily, on the way to the airport, we found a manned station and got the car full of petrol as well. This car was a super-efficient car with this economy mode that did interesting things such as every time I was in neutral with my foot off the clutch and not moving (like at a red light), it would turn off the engine. Then, when I pressed the clutch to go into gear, it would restart. Little things like this are important when gas is over $7 a gallon.The return at the airport was quick and problem-free, and we caught a train back to the city to begin our day. First order of business was breakfast/lunch, which we accomplished at a little cafe just near Grand Place (main square). Following that, we wandered the square, had a beer, and took in the Brewing Museum right on the square. It wasn’t anything particular informative to someone who knows how to brew, but it was only €5 and it included a beer.Tisha was still pretty tired, and everything else we want to see isn’t open until tomorrow, so I suggested we rest up at the hotel, grab dinner at Bier Circus tonight and call it a day — we’d been here before and the main reason for coming back was to visit Cantillon Brewery, which we’ll do tomorrow, and to catch the Eurostar to London tomorrow night.So there we sit. Tisha’s snoring behind me, and I’m enjoying some down time by finally jotting down my recollections of the journey.Tonight, yummy yummy beer.


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