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Brussels, Day 2, continental wrap-up

August 3, 2010

No Bier circus for us. They’re closed on Sunday and Monday, which means my tire adventure prevented me from going to somewhere i wanted to revisit. Dur.Last night, we went to a great little bar across the street from Manneken Pis (a very overrated tourist sight that’s a statue of a little boy peeing). It’s called Le Poechenellekelder (don’t ask me how it’s pronounced), and well worth a visit.Today, we visited Cantillon brewery, the last of the authentic Lambic breweries. These guys do it it the old fashioned way, with genuine wild spontaneous fermentation and multi-year fermentation times. But the product they come up with, while certainly an acquired taste is amazing.Following that, we had an aborted trip up to Le Bier Circus, only to discover it’s also closed on Mondays, and instead made our way to A La Mort Subite, a place we enjoyed last time. We also had a few drinks at Delirium Tap House to round out the day. Now we sit waiting for our chunnel train to London on the Eurostar.My random summary of our time on the continent:1: We recommend strongly the Hotel Birger Jarl is Sweden. Also, the Hotel Centrale in Brussels is well situated. The Hotel Sylter Hof in Berlin is fantastic, and the CABINN city in Copenhagen is… well… cheap.2: The area around Brussels Gare-Midi/Zuidstation is generally to be avoided after dark.3: If you’re ping to rent a sport car to drive across Germany, spring the extra bucks and ensure you get what you want.4: Sundays and Mondays are both generally ‘closed’ days.5: The sun practically never sets in Scandanavia.6: River/canal cruises are fun.7: Brussels is a place where even in a tiny cafe, you can usually count on getting a really good beer. (He said as he sipped a Chimay Blue in the train station.)8: If you’ve got a deodorant/antiperspirant you really like, bring enough of it with you. You won’t find it here.9: If you rent a car, get a diesel. Petrol costs 7.11 a gallon here right now.That ought to do it. Soon, we’ll be in London, ready for the next stage of our adventure.Pics coming soon.


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