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Beers in London

August 3, 2010

Just making note of the beers I sample in the various pubs (and at the Great British Beer Festival) in and around London. I really love the ales I get here in The UK. I get cask ales home when I can, and they’re good, but they just don’t stand up to what I can get here (depending on the style). As soon as I lift that pint glass to my lips, and I get that first aroma in my nostrils, and the first taste on my tongue, I am transported back to that first pint I had here the fall of ’06, where I truly fell in love with it. I need to investigate what it would take to try to recreate some of these flavors and do some genuine cask alesTuesday, at the Royal Oak (one of our favorite pubs), I enjoyed Harvey’s Armada (flavorful, hoppy – happy I tried it), and Tom Paine, Harvey’s take on an APA, in cask. Had this last year, and it’s as yummy as I remember it.On Wednesday, at the Great British Beer Festival, I had more types than I could count. I remember quite enjoying Adnan Gunhill.Thursday, we found ourselves at the Bree Louise (our other favorite pub), I sampled Brewdog Trashy Blonde (fizzier than I was expecting), and some other beers whose names, alas escape me.I went Friday without a pint – not sure how I managed that. Must be the head cold.


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