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Update, 12 days out, 22 pounds gone.

September 12, 2012

Things are progressing well.  I got a bit aggressive in pursuing my protein, and it was wreaking havoc with my digestive system.  So I followed the advice of people who’ve been through this before and concentrated on getting my hydration first, and worry about the proteins later.  I also need to avoid any simple carbohydrates, including milk.

So I spent a day doing just liquids, then slowly started introducing simple foods.  For the past few days, I’ve enjoyed a single scrambled egg for breakfast.  For lunch yesterday, I had peanut butter on whole wheat bread (well mashed up) with some almond milk.  It all seemed to go very well.  Today I’m going to try some meat, by pureeing up some canned chicken and mayo.  Or maybe tuna.  We’ll see how my mood is.  Right now I’m still stuffed from the egg.

My protein is not up where I want to be yet, though, so I’m going to try choking down the non-milk-based protein drinks I have.  It’s 20 oz of clear liquid with 40g of protein — looks like gatorade, tastes like not-gatorade.

My activity is about where I want it, maybe a bit lower.  I’m walking about a mile a day right now (though today it’s really hot out so I think I’m going to wait until after sundown to get my walk in).  Once I get back to work, I’ll be able to use the fitness center there which will be a great way to ramp up the walking.

Physically, my pain is very low.  I haven’t taken any pain killers since Saturday, which means I’m able to drive now.  Mentally I think I’m doing pretty well.  So, really, it’s just getting the whole system back into gear and I should be 100%.  I have my doctor check-up a week from today, and we’ll see when they want to clear me to return to work then.

Last I weighed myself, I’d dropped 22 lbs since the week before surgery, 16 lbs since the day of surgery.  This is very rapid, and is to be expected.  Over the course of a year, I expect to drop on the order of 150 or more.  I expect to be below 300 lbs when I go to Newfoundland for Christmas – and it’s been a very long time since I’ve weighed under 300, so that’s exciting.


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