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Two weeks out

September 16, 2012

It’s been just over 2 weeks since surgery. This morning I gave myself my last of the prescribed blood thinner injections – thankfully. i don’t like needles and giving myself an injection is not high on my list of things I want to do. That being said, the needles were tiny and more often than not I barely felt it. My incision wounds seem to be healing nicely. I’m generally sleeping through the night, and on the nights I don’t it’s because I’m sleeping through the day. When I get out to walk, I’m doing at least a mile. The problem is some days I’m so tired I just don’t think to get out until it’s too late.

I was planning to use the fitness center at the lab for walks once I’m cleared to return to work, but I realized I’m also really looking forward to using a pool to exercise, and the lab doesn’t have one of those. So it looks like I may be joining a gym anyway. Now I just need to find a facility I like. I used to use the Lifetime Fitness in Burr Ridge, but it was pretty expensive and the showers were a bit creepy (weird peep holes ripped into the curtains). So, time to start shopping around.

I’m learning things about how I can and can’t eat. This morning I ate my breakfast too fast (I was distracted) and immediately paid for it. I’m supposed to take 30-45 minutes to eat each meal, and after this morning I’ll be sure to take that to heart. I’m still not eating as much protein as I’m supposed to — I find pureed foods entirely unappetizing and can’t force enough down. I really hope I’ll get the all-clear to be able to chew my food when I visit the doctor on Wednesday. Not just for the ability to eat normal food, but for the ability to take my pills and supplements without having them crushed up and mixed into pudding. Ugh.

From the start of the pre-surgery diet on the 20th, I’ve dropped 30 pounds — I weighed in at 336 lbs yesterday morning. It’s kind of staggering to think I’ve lost 30 lbs over 3 weeks. That’s 18% of the amount I want to lose overall. It’s going to start slowing down soon, but I’m enjoying the ride while it lasts.


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