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One month

September 30, 2012

30 days ago, I went into the hospital for my Duodenal Switch surgery. I weighed 360 lbs (down from 366 a week prior) according to my bathroom scale. Here’s a quick rundown of where things are now. Today, I’m 324 lbs by that same scale and a day away from returning to my normal work schedule. I’ve been taking pictures roughly once a week, and will post them up once I get them organized and sorted.

I’m not 100% yet. The fact that I spent most of this past week with a nasty cold sure didn’t help things. But I seem to be mostly past that now.

I’m still struggling to get my protein intake up where I need it, and I get tired if I’m on my feet for too long. My surgery wounds are mostly healed — the larger ones are taking longer, obviously. I’m starting a water workout program at the gym in an attempt to make sure I keep my muscle mass up and don’t burn off too much muscle while I’m losing weight.

I’m still finding what I can and can’t eat. Bread (or certain types) are pretty hit or miss for me. Most meats have been okay, and I’m doing much better with milk than I was. Cheese is going just fine generally, as are eggs. And my protein shakes are usually no problem at all (which is good, since it’s a quick way to get 15 grams out of the 75 I need daily). I’m working on making sure I stay hydrated — the last thing I want is to get kidney stones.

On the one hand I’m a bit nervous about returning to work, but on the other I’m really anxious to get out of the house and get back into a routine. As long as I don’t overdo it at work, things should be just fine.

42 pounds in 30 days. That’s scary.


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