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2016 me sees the concert 1986 me would kill for.

July 10, 2016

Just got back from the Peter Gabriel/Sting “Rock, Paper, Scissors” show at United Center.  If you, like me, have tickets for the show but want to be surprised by what you see, then just stop reading.  I’m really glad I had no idea what to expect, so I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone else.

So, I had an expectation of what I’d see at the concert.  I figured Peter Gabriel would open, do about an hour or so, then Sting would come on and do about an hour or so, then there’d be some joint encore.


Instead, I was treated to the concert I pretty much waited my adult life to see.  Peter Gabriel and Sting (both artists I simply idolized in the mid-late 80s) trading off songs with each other, taking turns performing, covering each other’s songs, sharing backup musicians.

Just fantastic.  I don’t know where I’d rank it in terms of the best shows I’ve seen, but it’s in the top five, certainly.  That puts it in the company of seeing the original Fleetwood Mac lineup perform in 2015, watching Peter Gabriel perform the entirety of So in 2012, watching The Police perform at Wrigley Field in 2007, and watching Great Big Sea perform with about 200 other Newfoundlanders living in the US midwest packed into a tiny club named Schubas in 1998.

Each artist shared the stage with the other, each covered the other’s songs (though Sting covered more PG songs than vice-versa) with each lending a hand on many of the others.

The music was tight, the showmanship was top notch the supporting musicians were fantastic.  I was transported back to my youth and it was glorious.  If you’re a fan of either and have an opportunity to see the show, do it.  Plain and simple, just do it.  You’ll have a blast!

Standout performances for me include Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, In Your Eyes, and Don’t Give Up.  The big hits you expect are there, generally with both of them performing on them.

What a show, what a night!

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